The Khojas  - A Journey of Faith

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What a brilliant and a tastefully done movie.
"The account of a small Community’s journey of survival within two transitions over the last century or so was truly  inspiring to see.  What a  brilliant and a tastefully done movie.  It brought back a lot of special  memories for both Almunir and I and for many guests around us.

Naaz Remtulla, Vancouver Canada

A great overview of our community’s evolution

‘Dr Walji and his team at MARC have been working on this project for well over a year – with filming taking place in India, Africa and Pakistan.  With over 100 hours of footage, painstaking effort has been put in by him to cut this into less than two hours.  The film gives a great overview of our community’s history and evolution .’

Shan-E-Abbas Hassam, Secretary General of The World Federation

A real insight into the history

‘I loved every moment of the documentary! It gave me a real insight into the history of the Khoja community and how it has evolved over the years.’

Fatimah Jessa from Stanmore Jamaat, UK 

Gained a deeper understanding of what my ancestors went through

"The documentary was amazing! It is clear a lot of hard work and effort has gone into producing this film and it has taught everyone something new about the Khoja community.  I personally have gained a deeper understanding of what my ancestors went through and how the Khoja community is what it is now.’

Tehsin Turabali from Dar-es-Salaam Jamaat, Tanzania

A reality check of their origins.
A must see documentary for all family members where elders could sit with their progeny to explain where we started from and where we are today and the sacrifices made by many in the evolution of this community. To the  jet setting Khojas of this age,  the sight of bullock carts in  which their elders used to travel while India, the type of sailing crafts and the hardships of sailors and passengers as they sailed out from western shores of India to settle in East Africa and Madgascar is a reality check of their origins. The  month long journey by sea, firsthand account of early sailors recalling that for the month long sea journey, supply of fresh water would often be restricted to one cup a day come a shock to viewers."

Hassan Jaffer - Author of Endangered Speices

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An exceptional historical document
The film serves as an exceptional historical document about the history of Khojas. It was also very captivating and entertaining. The first half of the film transported me to india and then to Africa, giving me an in-depth understanding of the developments that took place during our conversion. 

As I watched you saunter towards me barefoot on the beach while speaking to me in your signature relaxed, yet thoughtful tone, the profound nature of your film began to sink in. As I watched the damp sand erupt out of the gap between your first and second toes, I began to understand who we were and truly appreciate how we got to where we are. More importantly I began to understand who I am. I felt a profound connection with my forefathers and the need to continue their legacy going forward. 

The day after watching your film, I too took a walk on the beach near my house. As I walked over mushy sand I found myself contemplating that legacy. Judging by the looks I was getting I may have even spoken a few sentences out loud. Their legacy, was not spreading islam but rather, collective advancement and philanthropy. Even when we were on the "wrong path" of believing Imam Ali a.s. to be the reincarnation of Vishnu, we continued to advance in our collective growth. 
Although the Khoja community has many challenges to overcome, when compared to every other community we are in the best position to adapt and change. It is time that we do so (it seems that the only thing that is holding us back is the finite interpretations of Sharia, and traditional thinking.) I am eagerly awaiting your next project which I am hoping will be a feature film set with actors which depicts the intricate family drama surrounding the period of conversion in India. 
Thank you for all the efforts that you have made in preserving our history for generations to come. I will no longer walk barefoot on a beach without first reciting a prayer for all of those who helped me get to where I am.

Khalil Jessa - Vancouver

A great inspiration to stand up and serve our community

“As a Khoja youth we don't belong anymore. I wanted to watch this today to know where I actually come from. After leaving here today, I now realise that I am part of something, a BIG something. We are not just nobodies. We have a culture and language and heritage. I am so proud to be part of this community”

“So glad that we are having a family friendly social event that as a bonus collects for a good cause”

“We are three generations here watching. It is a great feeling”  

“Every household should have one copy compulsory” “Should be translated in different languages”

“As a non-Khoja, I want to say Mashallah & Congratulate all those who deeply researched, traveling world to find the historical roots & contributed in making & showing of the film. Every Khoja should be taught their history & forefathers sacrifices & feel proud of their heritage”

“It was great to learn about our background and the roots of our culture, a topic which I personally have been ignorant on up until now. It was amazing to learn of the journey our forefathers have taken and I was surprised, saddened (but yet humbled) to learn that people had sacrificed their life in order for Khojas to practice our faith”

“The documentary was a great inspiration to stand up and serve our community”

“The venue at millennium point was ideal and added to the atmosphere”

Comments form the audience at the screening in Birmingham